Find the Spark!

“As I’m getting older, CrossFit is keeping me younger”.

– Denise Diorio

When we first opened our doors in 2016 we had no plan to succeed. We had no members, no marketing and even worse we had no money left after our build out. We legit had 2 months to get our finances in order or we were going to shut down before we even got started.

I remember speaking with my wife, Erin, about how I was scared we weren’t even going to get a chance to show this area what we can do. She reminded me to stay with it and keep trying to find the spark. Sage advice.

About 3 weeks into our opening, we had 7 members and hemorrhaging money. I was sleeping on the floor in the office at the gym to avoid tolls and try to keep the place running during the day. It wasn’t going well to put it lightly.

6 week Challenges were all the rage back then and other gyms had found success running them. We had received an e-mail which seemed like a scam about hosting a 6 week Challenge. The e-mail basically said, sign up to host a challenge and we will fill your gym.

Skeptical at first, we called around to see if it was legit. Turns out it was and we signed up immediately. 3 weeks later we had our first 55 members at the gym and we were off to the races. One of those members who is still here today is Denise DiOrio-Patin.

Dee was one of the first to sign up for the challenge and we are so grateful to have her continue to make progress with us to this day! Obviously one of our more veteran members! Dee came in looking for a change from CKO and the regular gym and seeing as she is still here we have fulfilled out promise and we continue to try and keep it that way!

She has seen us through the dark days until today! All of the changes and growth that we have are because of members like Dee who have trusted the process and continued to support our community.

My message to all of you is to stay the course and find the spark that ignites the flame! You never know what is going to happen, but as long as you can stay afloat you will keep swimming!

Thank you Dee for being a Rockstar and crushing it with us! We will continue to take this journey with you!

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