5 Drills to Improve your Double Unders!

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One of the most frustrating exercises we perform are Double Unders. The jump rope is one of the best conditioning tools we use in CrossFit and taking the time to learn it can be aggravating and humbling. 

The whip marks we get while learning Double Unders can be worn as a badge of honor, but they can also deter athletes from pursuing mastery. For me, I know it took over a year before I became proficient with this exercise. I have a short temper myself. Especially when it seems so simple, but yet I cannot do it! Hang in there! You are not alone! We all go through it. 

I’ve mapped out 5 drills to practice in order to achieve those pesky Double Unders. Before moving onto the next drill, be sure to conquer the first one! Make sure you have a proper rope, set to your height.

—To check the length – Step on the rope with One foot, pull the handles up evenly and point them at your chest. It should point to about Mid Chest. If it doesn’t, adjust the rope accordingly.

Here are the 5 Drills to Improve your Double Unders:

  1. 10 Continuous Single Unders.

    before we get to doubles, we have to first be sure you can properly perform singles. The first drill is to make sure you can perform 10 singles without fail! Once you get that, move on to Step 2!

  2. 2 to 1 Reg Jump to Power Jump Singles

    Once you get 10 Singles down, practice your timing with these 2 jumping styles. It’s important to keep a good rhythm and build the jump timing needed for doubles. Practice with singles. You will jump regular for the first 2 singles and then jump a little higher for the third (Power Jump) Take your time practing this exercise. Don’t rush through it and think you have it! Once you get 10 in a row without messing up, move to step 3.

  3. 10 Power Jump Singles

    Now we have to build timing with power jumps and singles. Keep with the Power Jump and singles. Once you get 10 continuous singles without fail, move to step 4.

  4. 10 Double Taps.

    Put the rope down for this drill. This is how we are going to build rhythm and timing for double unders! Power Jump for 10 Reps and at the top of your jump, you are going to tap your hips 2 times before you come back to the ground. Practice this one. It’s weird, but it’s a great drill to build your timing! Once you get 10 good ones and feel comfortable, move to the next drill.

  5. 2 to 1 Singles to Doubles.

    Once you have gotten through those 4 drills above, give the doubles a try using the 2 to 1 method! 2 Singles and 1 Double unders! Take your time practicing. If you mess up, don’t worry about it. Just start over and keep at it until you get it. This is practice! 

  6. Bonus Drill!

    Get continuous double unders and try to see how many you can get! This is all about patience and diligence. So keep practicing and building timing! If you really want to get this, you will! Just keep at it and it will all come together in the end!

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