Small steps can lead to big gains.

In 2003, Sir Dave Brailsford took over the British Cycling Team. He wasn’t a professional coach, and he’d only been an amateur cyclist.

Instead of trying to rebuild the perennially weak cycling team from scratch, Brailsford implemented a business strategy called the aggregation of marginal gains. He simply tried to improve every aspect of the cyclists’ lives—training, nutrition, sleep, and equipment—by 1%.

Dan Kim made big changes in 2022 by taking small steps with Marble Strength!

He didn’t go out looking for new sponsors; some bike companies even refused to sell to the team because they were so bad. Instead, he first improved their seats to make them more comfortable. And he didn’t implement a radical diet change or workout regime; he simply improved each by 1% at a time. When a new tiny gain had been realized, he asked himself, “How do I improve this feature by 1% NOW?”

In 2008, the British Cycling team won 8 gold medals, 4 silver, and 2 bronze: More medals than in its entire history combined. Then Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, two members of the team, won the Tour de France four times combined over the next decade.

Aggregating small wins WORKS.

You don’t need a radical new keto diet. You don’t need a “detox” (they’re fake anyway). You don’t need to start jogging five miles every morning. You just need to take one tiny step.

My training personally has been limited by time constraints. Which means I have to be very selective with what exercises I am doing and how much of it I can realistically manage to do. My days are spent often working on the business and prepping for the week (myself, kids, dinners, lunches, programming). I have to be very diligent with what I am doing and make sure I am prepped in case I have any obstacles that come up. I haven’t had the time to cook so what do I do? I buy meal prep from reputable companies such as Nutrition Kitchen and Coronatos Clean Cuisine. It helps me keep my nutrition in check and ensures that I always have a healthy meal!

By taking these added stressors out of my daily thought process it allows me to work on things that are more important to improving myself and reaching goals.

It’s important to understand that every day is a new opportunity to improve and make positive changes to impact your daily life. Everyday before you do anything you should try to do one thing that helps you reach your goals. No matter what those goals are, choose one thing that can have a positive impact and do it. Every day. Consistently. Do the work.

I have Coaches all around me that I work with to help my business, help my health and help my nutrition. I love having people I can trust and that hold me accountable to the things that I want to achieve. Sometimes all I have to do is just show up, and the coach tells me what to do. Other times I just have to get guidance on an obstacle that came up, but it all starts with taking small steps. Everyday. In 365 days those small steps will add up to some really great things.

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