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Being Consistent and taking Action!

“I started at CFDA to get in shape. I was tired and couldn’t do some things without tiring.”– Jodi Mostowsky I want to shout out a member today and talk about something that is worth emphasizing : consistency. Consistency is difficult to achieve. We all

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Your ‘Third Place’

Ever heard of a “third place?” A sociologist named Ray Oldenburg made up that term for our gym. Well, maybe not exactly. But if home is your “first place” and work is your “second place,” third places are for reflection, recreation, relationships and re-energizing.  Our

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How to Start a Fitness Routine in 2022

If you Google the phrase, “how to start a workout routine,” you’ll see some great advice from renowned sources. For example, the Mayo Clinic has five steps for you, with instructions under each heading: Assess fitness level. Design program. Assemble equipment. Start. Monitor progress. We’re

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What’s the best exercise for abs???

What’s the Best Exercise for Abs? The best exercise for abs—everyone wants to know as spring and summer roll around. Here’s the short answer: There is no single best exercise, but we’ll give you three things you can do to lose body fat, improve core

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4 Ways to Get MOTIVATED

One day we feel like we are on top of the world, and the motivation keeps coming. Other days we might find it impossible to motivate ourselves and feel trapped in a spinning wheel. Motivation is a tricky and powerful thing. And if we learn

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Find the Spark!

“As I’m getting older, CrossFit is keeping me younger”. – Denise Diorio When we first opened our doors in 2016 we had no plan to succeed. We had no members, no marketing and even worse we had no money left after our build out. We

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Should you do the same exercises everyday?

Being active is great—but what if you do the same exercises every single day? Will that help you stay fit? Here’s the answer:  If you have a fitness regime in place but always do the same thing, you’ll get some of the benefits of activity,

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Tricks to Eating on the go!

Your hand is proportionate to your body, its size never changes, and it’s always with you, making it the perfect tool for measuring food and nutrients – minimal counting required. Eating away from home doesn’t have to be unhealthy! Here are some tips to tackle

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7 Benefits to Workout out and Getting fit!

Click here for 10 Easy Meal Prep Recipes Today I want to outline 7 weird (yet researched) benefits to working out and getting fit…  Reason One: Improved Memory  Ever feel like you think a bit more clearly after a good workout? Not only is your

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Can You Target Fat Loss?

Many, many people have asked a fitness coach if it’s possible to lose fat “right here.” When they ask, they always point to a body part. It might be the belly or perhaps the legs. Some point to the area underneath the arm, and others

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