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I don’t want to get ‘bulky’

The term “bulking up” is thrown around in the fitness world, but what does it really mean? According to some experts, it means putting on muscle without any intention of getting leaner. While this may seem like a good idea at first glance, especially if

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How to Stay on Track during the Holidays

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be a stressful time. You want to be sure that you’re celebrating with your family and friends in a healthy way. It’s important to stay on track during this busy season by making

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Can you build mass and strength with body-weight exercises?

You’ve probably heard that body-weight exercises are a good way to build muscle. You might also have heard that they’re not as effective as resistance training with dumbbells or barbells. Both statements are true! But, as you’ll see below, there’s more to the story than

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5 ways to healthier eating habits

Eating healthy is more than just about what’s on your plate. It’s also about how you feel, how much energy you have and how nutritious your diet is. Eating well can improve your health and boost your moods while eating poorly can make you feel

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Adventure, Fitness & Writing your own story!

We work hard in the gym so we can pursue other activities and endeavors OUTSIDE the gym. Later on in life you might not care about your max back squat triple (btw mine is 435 lbs.) but you may care about being able to scale

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Get Excited!

1 more week of Strength Prep and next week we will find our Heavy Singles and make new Personal Records in Front Squats, Bench Press, Deadlift, Pull Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Box Jumps and Rowing! I know, I know you guys are super excited about

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Life is full of obstacles

Life is never short of obstacles. We think we have a clear path and then something unexpected happens completely stopping us. (cue pandemic 2020) There is nothing linear about our journey here. Each day we are faced with a puzzle that needs to be solved.

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Naked Thai Beef Burgers with Salad 

Serves 4For the burgers: 1 lime, zest and juice reserved for dressing2 tsp. paprika1 tsp. ground turmeric1 tsp. ground coriander½ tsp. ground cumin½ tsp. ground ginger¼ tsp. hot paprika1 cup (15g) cilantro, chopped¼ cup (30g) panko breadcrumbs½ tsp. salt1.1 lbs. (500g) lean ground beef½ tsp.

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Take control of your life

“As for me, over the past six months I have lost 15 pounds (which I thought was basically impossible for someone my age). My blood pressure has returned to normal, and my A1C has dropped to 5.9. My doctor is amazed.“ – Dan Kim At

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