CrossFit Open

The 2020 CrossFit Open is coming up on Thursday, October 10th! We are geared up and ready as we’ll ever be to perform these 5 workouts that Dave Castro has prepared for us!

What does it mean for us?

As a CrossFit affiliate, we will be participating in the Open. Each week a new workout gets announced on Thursday Night and we will be performing the workouts on every Friday until the conclusion of the Open in November.

We will be grouped into Teams and based on performance, we will each earn points for our team. See the scoring system below.

What team am I on?

There are 6 Teams.

Matterhorn – Team Captain Joe Marble
Moose Knuckles – Team Captain Justin Janus
Team Ingleton – Team Captain Christine Ingleton
Princess Pony Warriors – Team Captain Heather Mentone
Team Lebo – Team Captain Lebo
Carolina Cartel – Team Captain Carolina Safar

Find your name on the wall and find your team!

Will this make me better at Fitness?

What do the Teams win?
Bragging rights and possible a Trophy that says CFDA CrossFit Open 2020 Cup? Or maybe just a Cup? I don’t know yet, we can discuss that later.

What if I don’t want to be on a team but still want to perform the workouts?
Just let me know before Monday if you don’t want to be placed on a team and I will leave your name off the list.

Each athlete that performs the workout, RX or Scaled will receive 1 point.
Each athlete that performs the workout RX will receive an additional point.
Top Performers in Rx will earn points as follows:
First place – 10 Additional Points
Second Place- 8 Additional Points
Third Place – 5 Additional Points

Top Performers in Scaled will earn points as follows:
First place – 5 Additional Points
Second Place- 3 Additional Points
Third Place – 1 Additional Points

For Example: Susan performs workout 20.1 Rx and places Second. She will earn 10 Points Total for her team.
Gina performs workout 20.1 Scaled and places 3rd place in scaled – She earns 4 Points Total. 

Who will be keeping track of all of these points?
I will. Don’t sass me.

This should be a lot of fun. If you have any questions just ask me. No time for Team shirts, so you guys can figure that out on your own!

The Open leads us directly into the CFDA 2019 HOLIDAY WARS! See next post!



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