DIY Weightlifting Blocks

This is a quick tutorial on how to build blocks for Olympic weightlifting. Remember, measure twice, cut once! (I’ll never make that mistake again!)

What I used:

If you saw my Youtube #shorts video, I used the following for this build:

  • (8) 2×6 24′ Long
  • (6) 2×6 18′ Long
  • (6) 2×4 24′ Long
  • (2) Horse stall mat cut to 24’x18′
  • A lot of 2′ Screws (Lost count and use what you need to make it secure)
  • About 8-12 1 1/4′ Screws

These are what you would need for 2 blocks 6′ High. To add more layers you simply count how many more you need based on how High you want them.

If you use 2x4s only (Recommended – I just happened to have a bunch of 2×6 laying around), you will need the following:

  • (16) 2×4 24′ Long
  • (8) 2×4 18′ Long
  • (2) Horsestall mat cut to 24’x18′
  • A lot of 2′ Screws
  • About 8-12 1 1/4′ screws

Once again this is to build 2 blocks about 6′ high. If you would like them higher you need more wood for the base. You can always add to the blocks anyway so no big deal.

How to start.

Layer the 24′ Pieces across the bottom evenly spaced out to 18′ and stack the 18′ pieces across the top evenly spaced out the 24 inch length.

The order should be 3 Long Pieces followed by 4 short pieces (If you are using all 2×4) See pic above.

Screw them in and secure the pieces together. You should have a weird looking jenga board at this point.

Stack the remaining pieces across the top squeezing them together and as you drill it, make sure to keep holding the pieces together tightly. YOu don’t want any space between the stacks.

If you have clamps or a friend I would suggest that, but either way you’re stacking wood so do the best you can.

Use all the screws you need to secure everything together.

Lastly, once all of the wood is drilled as one, lay the horse mat on top and drill it down. Not too complicated, just takes some prep work and some measuring! 

Hope this helped! Enjoy your blocks! and go lift something heavy!


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