Earn Money at CFDA

At CFDA, there are numerous ways our athletes can earn money throughout the year. We love to reward our members whom participate in the many Nutrition Challenges, In-House Competitions, or random tasks assigned. New tasks come up from time to time that allow our athletes to earn money towards membership, swag or other assorted prizes along the way.

Here are a few ways our athletes can earn money at CFDA:

1. Nutrition and Fitness Challenges.
Throughout the year, there are different Nutrition and Fitness challenges where athletes can reset their Health and Wellness and build better eating and lifestyle habits. The challenges are typically 5 weeks in duration with a playoff of workouts as the finale. Athletes earn points throughout the challenge by completing daily tasks and weekly bonus workouts. Prizes are given to the Top 3 Male and Female participants based on their performance. Added weight-loss Bonus results in $25. The more people that participate, the better the prizes, so make sure to sign up when you see the next one!

2. Refer a Friend.
Have friends? Bring them in and for every friend that signs up with CFDA you receive $25! The more friends you bring in the more money earned! 

3. Muscle Up Challenge 2019.
Different rules for Men and Women. There is a $25 entry fee. Perform the task in the designated amount of time and receive 1 month FREE!!! 
For Official Guidelines click here. Registration is closing soon!

4. Beat Joe in a WOD. 
This usually is random and you have to lookout for it on the board. However any workout, if you beat Joe usually results in a FREE goodie of some kind. Be on the look out for these pop-up challenges!

5. Best Attendance Award 2019.
The person with the most gym visits for 2019 will earn $25 in CFDA Bucks! The more you workout, the better chance you have! So make sure you check in to class and show up!

6. If you have Horizon Health Insurance I believe you can earn $20/month towards your insurance for attending 12 sessions minimum per month. Download the Active B Fit App if you have that plan and you should be able to earn money for fitness! 

As of now, these are the best ways to earn money while working out at CFDA! Throughout the year, new ideas and new opportunities pop-up. Be sure to keep your eyes open for when that opportunity presents itself. Until then, keep lifting and stay healthy!



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