Holiday Wars 2019 Week 4

You’ve made it to Week 4! Congratulations! Did you read my e-mail? Maybe yes, maybe no…! If not, you should be ashamed of yourself! And for those reasons we now have Burpees! Remember, you did this to yourself! You’re Welcome!

Rx M/F –

For Time:
Complete 3 Rounds of:
20 Alternating DB Snatch (50/35)
12 Burpees over the DB

Then complete 3 Rounds of:
6 Bar Muscle Ups
12 Burpees over the DB.

15 Minute Time Cap.

Masters Rx – 
DB Weights (40/30)
12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups instead of Bar Muscle Ups.
Burpees still Burpees.

DB Weights (30/20)
24 Wall Balls (20/14) Instead of Bar Muscle Ups
Burpees still Burpees!

Standards and stuff:
Alternating DB Snatch – Both DB Heads must hit the floor after each rep for the next rep to count. Arm fully locked out at top with Head through. No Funny stuff. Make it nice. Alternating arms. If you get no repped and continue with the other hand, the reps will not count until you complete the rep with the first hand again! Be careful not to make this mistake!

Burpees over the DB – Stepping over is OK. Stepping behind is NOT! No funny stuff! Don’t Sass me!

Bar Muscle Ups – No kicking off the side post to get over the bar! That’s what we like to call, ‘CHEATING’ it’s just so passe! Don’t let me catch you otherwise Minus 4000 points! And also NO REP!

Chest to Bar Pull Ups – Arms locked out from start, Feet off the floor! Chest must hit the bar! If any of those 3 things do not take place, do you know what that is called? I give you one hint… NO REP! You will get slapped with NO REPS all day if you give me that nonsense! Not in my house!

Wall Balls – Gentlemen – Full Squat – Reach the taller Target. Walls are a no go on this one. Must use target. Cannot pick the ball up from a squatted position and throw it up and pretend that counts. You must lift the ball from the floor then squat then you may begin the exercise. Don’t make me slap a NO REP across your face, please… 

Ladies. Same thing except The lower target is what you’re hitting! Can’t reach??? TOO BAD! This is war! No Funny stuff! We play for Keeps!
Did you find this Blogpost informative as well as entertaining? Please let me know, by responding to the Email you didn’t read! Thanks! Good Luck! If you have any questions, I will beat you with your phone for not reading my email and following simple instructions! 

Let’s have some fun, guys! Thanks!

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