Holiday Wars 2020 Week 4!!!

Holiday Wars Week 4 Workout Announcement!

This is the Final CrossFit workout of the 2020 Holiday Wars Season! Congratulations to everyone for making it this far!

The workout is:

Complete the following for time:
120 Wall Balls
60 Toes to Bar
30 Power Cleans

There is a 25 minute time cap on this workout.

At the start of the workout, all athletes will begin 6 feet away from the wall and med ball. At the 3-2-1 call they may begin their workout.

The Rx Weights and Standards:
Men will be using a 20lbs medicine ball and perform their wall balls to a 10 foot target. I don’t have to remind you that every rep must be a full depth squat, but I just did so yeah! No power wall balls! Ass to Grass please!

The weight on the barbell will be 135lbs for men.

Women will be using a 14lbs medicine ball and perform their wall balls to a 9 foot target. Please see above if you think the wall ball standards are different. (They are not)

The weight for women is 95lbs.

Standards on Toes to bar. 
Arms fully extended. Feet must pass behind the pull up bar at the bottom of the rep and both feet’s toes must touch the bar at the same time! 1 foot will get you a no rep. 1 foot then the other foot will also get you a no rep and don’t you know… no feet will get you a no rep! So make sure both of your feet’s toes touch the bar. Don’t waste reps and don’t sass me!

Standards on Power Cleans.
Bar starts on floor and gets lifted to the shoulders. Elbows must finish in front of the bar at the top with your legs and hips fully locked out in a fully standing upright position. No quarter squat catches and release. This is war. You stand up or get slapped with a No Rep!

All Rx athletes must complete the workout in order. Which means you cannot break it up into rounds. This is a chipper style workout. All 120 Wall balls must be completed before moving to the toes to bar. All Toes to bar must be completed before moving to the Power Cleans. All power cleans must be completed before being done with the workout. (science)

Masters Rx:
The only difference is the weight on the barbell. 
For Men: 115lbs
For Women: 85lbs.

Everything else remains the same. 

Scaled Athletes:
Scaled Athletes will perform the workout in order! 

The Changes are:
Men will use a 14lbs medicine ball, perform 120 AbMat Sit Ups and use 95lbs for the Power Cleans.
Women will use an 8lbs medicine ball, perform 120 AbMat Sit Ups and use 65lbs for the Power Cleans.
Same standards on the wall balls to target. (10 feet for men, 9 feet for women)
Same standards on the Power Cleans as above.

For AbMat Sit Ups:
The athlete will begin in a butterflied leg position and must lay back, hit the floor behind them with both arm and hit their toes at the top of the rep. Failure to meet these minimal standards will cause Joe to stare at you with a disgusted look on his face, because this is not your first sit up and you know better! Make it nice!

I think that covers everything!

Best of luck to our competitors! It’s a tight race! Keep up the hard work and remember to Holiday Wars Responsibly! Thank you!


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