Holiday Wars 2021 Week 4

This workout is a 2 Parter! The first 8 minutes is an AMRAP. Then you get a mandatory 1 Minute Rest period followed by a 5 minute max out time! Everyone will be scored separately on part 1 and 2. You will receive 2 scores for this workout.

Part 1:

14 Minute Time Cap for Part 1 and 2
0:00-8:00 Complete as many reps as possible.

10 Alternating Pistol Squats
20′ Handstand Walk

Masters Rx:
DB Alternating Step Ups (M: 50lb Dumbbell and 24′ Box, F: 35lb Dumbbell and 20′ box)
3 Wall Walks (CrossFit Open Standard) 

M/F 10 Alternating DB Lunges (M: Pair of 35lb DB. F: Pair of 20lb DB.)
6 Modified Wall Walks (CrossFit Open Standard)

Rest 1 Minute

With remaining time, complete part 2

Part 2:

3 Rep Max Hang Snatch Above Knee.


If you cannot complete at least 1 rep of each movement Rx you will be going scaled.


Pistol Squats 1 foot at a time switching legs every rep. Athletes may hold the opposite foot for balance, but must squat until the hip crease is below the knee joint in order for the rep to count. Once all 10 reps are completed they may begin their handstand walk.

Every 4 feet completed will equal 1 rep for the workout. Athletes must begin with their hands behind the line in or at minimum in line with the marker in which they are starting. If they fall before the next 4 feet marker they must go back to the previous one. Athletes cannot handstand over the line they will be told to go back or repeat that rep. Hands must start behind the line or in line with the marker.

Once the handstand walk is completed they may begin the next set.


Step ups will use 1 Dumbbell and you can hold it wherever you like. It cannot rest on the Box at any point. If you take a break with the DB you must rest it on the floor. Step all the way up, get both feet on the box, stand up tall full extension then step down and repeat.

Wall Walks. 
Beneath your shoulder will be the first marker. Athletes will begin facedown on their chest. Hands must be in contact with the tape before beginning your rep. Hands may not move until both feet are on the wall. Athlete must walk their hands 24 inches to reach the second marker. They will then walk their hands back and may not remove their feet from the wall until both hands are returned to the first marker. The rep is complete when the athlete walks their hands back to the first marker and returns back to the starting position with the chest on the ground. 

DB Lunge Steps. With a pair of dumbbells one in each hand, athletes will take alternating steps to complete the set. The back knee must touch the floor and the feet must come together standing tall at full extension. Reverse lunges are ok. 

Modified Wall Walks. 
Athletes will start in a prone position on floor. Tape marker will be marked beneath shoulder and before beginning the rep hands must be in contact with the first tape. Hands may not move until both feet are on the wall. Athlete must walk both of their hands 10 inches to contact the second marker and then back down to complete the rep. The athlete may not remove their feet from the wall until both hands are returned to the first marker. The rep is not complete until the athlete returns to their chest on the floor. 

Snatch Standards.

Athletes can begin the workout with the bar loaded to the desired first attempt. The bar must start on the floor, but once it is lifted past the knees it cannot go below the knee until all 3 reps are completed. A rep is completed when the bar is locked out overhead and the athlete is standing tall with knees and hips locked out as well. If the athlete drops below the knee for the hang, no rep. If the athlete fails to get the weight overhead and locked out, no rep. If the athlete returns the weight to the floor in between reps, no rep. Any style of snatch is acceptable (ie. muscle snatch, power snatch, squat snatch, split snatch) The bar may not make contact with the athletes chest, shoulders or head during the lift.

Strategy Tips***

Unfortunately I don’t have a ton of strategy for this. You either have these moves well or you don’t. What I can say is this. If you are borderline on pistol squats use a plate under your foot or wear weightlifting shoes for balance. Do the best you can to squat ALL THE WAY down. 

If you are borderline on Handstand walking. Try to keep your balance for at least a couple of steps for the 5 feet to get 1 rep in. Practice just holding a handstand against a wall and try to walk with a friend holding your feet. The only way to get better at this is to practice and fall a lot. So get to it.

With the Snatches, it’s all about the set up. Proper set up and lift off the floor will put you in a better position then just being lazy and getting it to your hip. Be in control of the weight best you can. The same way you move the weight down to your hang position is the same way you’re going to come up with it. So keep it close and use your legs to drive that bar overhead!

What I did

I wasn’t pushing myself too hard for this one. I was able to keep moving and got about 1 round a minute. I was aiming for 6 rounds (being lazy) ended up with 7+2 then came the snatches…

Oh boy. After handstand walks your shoulders don’t feel so good. I managed to sneak under 205 for 3 in about 3 minutes use of the time. That’s really all I had. I couldn’t add any more weight to that if I wanted to. Take your time with the snatches. Especially if you were actually able to complete the rest of it. If you weren’t, then you’ll be fresh for the snatches.

Either way, Best of Luck to everyone competing in the final Met Con WOD of Holiday Wars 2021!


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