Hot Wings Trivia Night


Next Friday, July 26th 6:00pm Post WOD 
We will be hosting the first CFDA Hot Wings Trivia Night! Questions will be asked, If you answer correctly you are safe. If you answer incorrectly eat a wing. Each wing gets progressively hotter. Once you finish all 10 Wings, you are done. There are no skipping questions. Everyone will have 30 seconds to answer the Trivia question. This will be Multiple Choice. All participants will have a white board and a marker to submit answers. Partners will be allowed. 

Sauces to be enjoyed are as follows:

1. Howler Monkey
2. Sriracha
3. Heartbeat Hot Sauce
4. Son of Zombie – Torchbearer
5. Blair’s After death Hot Sauce with Liquid Fury
6. Bravado Spice – Black Garlic Carolina Reaper
7. Da Bomb – Beyond Insanity
8. Mad Dog 357
9. Hell Fire – Fiery Fool
10. Blair’s Megadeath Hot Sauce with Liquid Rage

If participating, please be aware we will provide 1 gallon of milk and some beer. Please bring your own Hot Sauce diluter for when your mouth turns into a Volcano.

Cost – $10 per entry please and thank you!
You win nothing, just enjoy. Ha. 

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