Marble Weightlifting has arrived at the IWF Master’s Pan Ams and the competition is set to begin today at 10am with team members, Marcy Seymour and Susan Gunther leading off for us.

Marcy and Susan have been working out diligently the past couple of months and we are going to see them crush it on the platform!

Be sure to catch the action live today at 10am!

If you are a member at Marble Strength we have the login for the event, but others may purchase the week for $7.99

Friday afternoon the competition continues for Marble with Jamie Boulos taking the stage with her 2nd National/International competition this year!

Saturday morning, Coach Joe will see if he can hang with the others and not embarrass the team!

Sunday morning at 10am Samantha Kuhles will close out our week and put on a show!

I am stoked to see everyone’s performance this week! We definitely have worked tremendously hard and deserve every moment of this! If you are in the Orlando area and would like to come watch live, the event is FREE for spectators.

2023 Pan American Masters
May 24-28
Venue: Wyndham Resort
International Drive, Orlando, FL

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