Marble Mayhem 2023 Week 4!!!

It’s finally here! The week we’ve all been waiting for! Week 4 and the MF Super Total!!!

This is the final test of Marble Mayhem where each athlete will put their best foot forward to try and set new records in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Back Squat, Push Press and Deadlift!

Before we get to the Super Total, let’s talk about this week’s Bonus Challenge!

3 Males and 3 Females will compete this week for a combined team score!

1 Minute on the Assault Bike! Here are the rules:

The Assault Bike will be set to Custom Timer of 1 minute. The Bike will countdown: 3…2…1… The Athlete may not have hands on the handles until after the countdown and the feet must be on the pegs. Once the Timer officially begins the athlete pedals their hearts out for 1 minute to accumulate as many calories as possible.

Video submissions must show the timer set and the athlete on the bike. At the end of the minute the Calories will be shown on the screen. Every decimal point counts. You need not worry about rolling calories since the timer will be set for 1 minute.

Choose 3 Females and 3 Males who have yet to compete in a Bonus Challenge and set them loose! Good Luck!


The competition will begin on Saturday, December 30th at 8 am at Marble Strength! For anyone else who is choosing to complete the lifts before Saturday, here’s what you need to know:

  • Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Back Squat, Push Press, and Deadlift are the lifts to be contested in order.
  • Each Athlete will get time to warm up for each lift and a 7-minute clock to make your best lift once ready.
  • Once you start you must complete all 5 lifts (in order) or it won’t count. (no separating lifts into days)
  • Use Pounds or Kilos, but the barbells weigh 44lbs or 33lbs. Add your weights accordingly.
  • Use whatever barbell that you prefer (male or female bar) if needed for snatches or clean and jerks a lighter training bar may also be used.
  • Tally up your total and submit for team scores.
  • Take a video of all your best lifts and post to our Facebook group for assessment!
  • Have fun competing!

For those who are competing with us on Saturday, December 30th please arrive PROMPTLY at 8 am so we can review the rules and standards, set up heats and judges, and make sure we start on time at 8:30 am!

See the Scoreboard here

Here are the rules and Standards for all lifts:

SNATCH: For the snatch, the athlete must bring the bar from the ground to the overhead position in one smooth motion. At the top, the arms, hips and knees must be fully locked out with the bar directly over the middle of the athlete’s body and the feet in line under the body.

Acceptable variations include:

  • Muscle Snatch
  • Power Snatch
  • Squat Snatch
  • Split Snatch

CLEAN AND JERK: During the clean, the barbell begins on the ground and must be lifted from the ground to the shoulders in one motion. A muscle clean, power clean, split clean, or squat clean may be used, as long as the barbell comes up to the rack position on the shoulders.

Once racked, a press, push press, split jerk, or push jerk may be used to lock the barbell out
overhead. The barbell must pass through the front-rack position before going overhead;
snatching is not permitted. The rep is counted when the barbell is fully locked out overhead directly over the middle of the athlete’s body, with the arms, hips, and knees extended, and the feet in line under the

For Both Snatch and Clean and Jerk, Press-outs are totally fine, No part of the body other than the feet may touch the ground during the execution of the lift. The Bar may not touch any part of your body above the belly, Drop and follow the bar in FRONT of you not below. Follow it down for the safety of others around you.

BACK SQUAT: Barbell Begins and ends in the Rack. The bar is placed on the upper shoulders behind the neck of the athlete. Walk out and show control before beginning the descent. DO NOT WALK OUT AND START SQUATTING BEFORE ESTABLISHING CONTROL! Once the athlete shows control, they can begin their descent where the hip crease must finish below the top of the knee and they can then begin standing up to full lockout of knees, hips and shoulders. The athlete will be given a “Rack” Command by the judge and then may walk it in. Failure to walk the weight in and secure it in the rack will result in a no lift. Failure to squat to below the hip crease will result in a no lift. Failure to stand up with the weight across the upper back will be a no-lift.

PUSH PRESS: Hands should be placed on the bar slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart with palms facing forward. Elbows are relaxed below and slightly in front of the bar. Legs should be straight but not locked. Knees and ankles should be aligned directly beneath the hips. Bar is placed on the front rack position in front of the face and not behind.

Keeping the bar at your chest and keeping the torso strong, bend the knees into a slight dip. Then push through the feet and start to straighten the legs. This movement is done quickly to gain momentum.

Once you reach full hip extension, press the bar up. You’ll have to move the head slightly back to make room for the bar to pass.

Extend the arms fully overhead, keeping the torso properly aligned (it should not feel like the chest is extended forward or the hips are arching back). Once the bar has moved up past your head, move it back through its original position and slightly forward.

Return the bar to the starting position and return to rack safely.

DEADLIFT: Can perform Conventional or Sumo deadlifts. Starting with the barbell on the floor, the athlete lifts the bar until the hips and knees reach full extension, and the head and shoulders are behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout. Return the weight to the floor with your hands on the bar at all times. Dropping the weight will result in a no lift.

See the Scoreboard here

Following the final lifts of the day, the Scores for each team will be tallied up and awards will be given out to the top 3 teams of Marble Mayhem 2023! Photos and Videos are encouraged!

Following the Competition, Our end of year party will begin with Tacos and Margaritas! We would love for everyone to join us during this celebration!

Thank you all for a fantastic year! Here’s to a glorious 2024 in a new and bigger space that we can have more room for activities!


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