Member Spotlight | Caroline Lanahan

Today, I am thrilled to spotlight Caroline Lanahan as our Member of the month. Caroline has been an extraordinary member of Marble Strength who has truly been a force to be reckoned with. Over the past year, Caroline’s unwavering consistency and determination have led to incredible results that deserve recognition.

Through her sheer dedication and hard work, she has managed to increase muscle mass, boost her strength, and shed body fat. It’s a testament to her commitment and disciplined approach to her fitness goals.

Caroline’s presence in the Marble community has been invaluable. She has been a beacon of encouragement, always offering a helping hand and providing support to her fellow members. Her positive attitude and determination have created a ripple effect, motivating others to stay committed to their own fitness journeys.

I had the chance to ask Caroline about her path here and this is what she had to say!

What drew you to Marble Strength?

I wanted to get stronger and also wanted to workout with a group because I find that is what motivates me the most. I checked out the website and took it from there!

What were your goals and did you achieve them?

My two goals were to build muscle and find a gym that I would look forward to going to. The first goal was accomplished by showing up and eating a balanced diet. As for the second goal, I have to give all credit to those around me. Coaches, other gym members, and the workouts are what helped me achieve my goals.

What is your favorite part about your experience at Marble Strength?

The overall energy, which is very motivating, along with the variety in each workout are two of my favorite experiences here at Marble Strength. 

What advice would you tell yourself a year ago?

I would tell myself to keep showing up and crushing PRs. I remember signing up for my membership without knowing any other members at this gym. Within days, I felt as though I was a member forever and that is a big part of my progress over the last year.

Caroline is a shining example of what can be achieved through consistent effort and a positive mindset. Her dedication to her goals and her supportive nature are what keep her going to achieve even more. She has become an integral part of the Marble community, inspiring and uplifting others along the way. Caroline, thank you for being an incredible asset to our community and for showing us all what is possible with hard work and a positive attitude. Keep shining bright!

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