Muscle Up Challenge 2019

2019 has been donned, ‘The Year of the Muscle-Up’ for all of us here at CFDA! We want to push everyone to literally achieve new heights and what better way to do that then to have them bare down and fight for these goals through competition! 

Here are the Guidelines and rules for the Muscle-Up Challenge 2019:

Ladies have 2 options. Option A – Complete 1 Bar Muscle Up. Complete that and you can take the prize of 50% of one Month’s membership. OR! The athlete can choose to take it a step further and complete Option B – Complete 1 Ring Muscle Up. Complete 1 Ring Muscle Up and earn 1 Month FREE at CFDA! 

Guys must complete 30 Ring Muscle Ups in 10 Minutes or Less. Complete this task and earn 1 Month FREE at CFDA! Fell short by a few? That can still earn you points.

For every Ring Muscle Up completed in the 10 minute time span, earn $2 in CFDA Money! For ex: Complete 15 in 10 Minutes. $30 earned. Complete 29 – $58. Get it? 

This is not cumulative. This is your best effort for the year! If the athlete completes 6 on their first try and 2 months later completes 18, the better score will reign supreme. NOT the total reps completed lifetime.


Click Here to register for the Challenge! Registration ends March 31st. The Challenge expires on December 31st 2019. Best of Luck to all Participants! 

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