Nationals 2022

Heather Mentone after a successful Clean and Jerk – Freehold Spring Lift Off

We are headed to Nationals this week! We have 2 athletes competing this week, Heather Mentone and Mo Omar!

This year USA Weightlifting Nationals week is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada! It is a 10 Day Competition of various age groups and competitions.

Heather will be competing in the Under 25 National Championships. What that means is, athletes 25 years and younger were able to qualify for this event and register to compete. This is Heather’s final year of eligibility with this event and we are excited for her first experience at a National event!

You can check out her lifting on Wednesday June 29th at 2:20PM (Vegas time – 5:20PM EST) White Platform

Mohamed Omar Squatting 200kg

Mo will be competing for his 2nd time under the Marble Weightlifting banner at the USA Weightlifting National Championships. However, I think it is his 4th or 5th time at Nationals in total? I should confirm that.

Last year, we went out to Detroit for Nationals and Mo was able to lock up 2nd place behind one of the best weightlifters in the Country, CJ Cummings. We don’t feel too badly about taking second to an Olympian.

Mo will be lifting on Friday, July 1st, 4pm (PST) 7pm (EST) on the Blue Platform. Check out the live video here.

Why is Nationals important?

We compete primarily in USA Weightlifting. We do not have a large team, but we have improved in many ways in the last 2 years.

Nationals week is the Showcase event of the year for USA Weightlifting. They host many different competitions including: Youth, Junior, U25 and Senior Nationals all in a 10 Day span. The talent at these competitions is the best the Country has to offer and every competitor shows up to put on their best show.

Heather and Mo have been prepping incessantly over the past 3 months and it is about time we show them off at the biggest event of the year.

I want to thank them for all of their hard work. Wish them the best of luck this week! Be sure to send them a message on Instagram sending well wishes!


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