Results from Our Lift Off!

We were set to compete in PA on Augiust 19th but at the last minute the competitiongot cancelled. So rather than skip it entirely, I sanctioned a competition just for us so everyone can see the results from the past training cycle! The results were fantastic!

Relive the action here

We had 15 Lifters today!

Veronica took a crack at her first Weightlifting event after just starting out and did not disappoint! Making all personal Records and showing that everything is working well! The future looks bright!
Snatch 30kg Clean and Jerk 37kg Total 67kg

Akiko Stojek one of our remote athletes came to throw down and made a very nice Personal Record Snatch at 35! Really nice lifting!
Snatch 35kg Clean and Jerk 41kg Total 76kg

Gina Marie came to party and hit some very nice Birthday PRs! PR Snatch 37kg. PR Clean and Jerk 46kg PR Total at 83!

Kara Rafz stepping out of her comfort zone and onto the Weightlifting platform! Hit some nice lifts at
Snatch 38kg Clean and Jerk 51kg total 89kg

Vanessa Forte looked really good this past weekend hitting really nice lifts at Snatch 41kg Clean and Jerk 57kg and a Nice PR Total at 98kg!

Melanie Dahmen Lendis has been crushing it lately and the end of the training cycle did not disappoint! Looking good!
Snatch 52kg Clean and Jerk 62kg Total 114kg

Shannon Fary had a fun time getting back on the platform for the first time in a long time!
Snatch 43kg Clean and Jerk 65kg Total 108kg

Melody Lin had a day! Hitting some very Nice PRs! Ending the training cycle stronger than ever! Snatch 50kg Clean and Jerk 70kg! Total 120kg

Heather Mentone just getting back at it after a long cycle for Nationals and it was a fun heavy Single day! Snatch 78kg Clean and Jerk 93kg Total 171kg

Samantha Kuhles showing us how it’s done! Pre- Birthday PRs everywhere! Great training cycle! Lots of barriers broken!
Snatch 81kg Clean and Jerk 101kg Total 182kg

Anthony Crudo training cycle has been hit or miss and here or there, but he showed up and had a very nice day! Not too far off his best and looking forward to more!
Snatch 96kg Clean and Jerk 132kg Total 228kg

Eric Zucaro has been having obstacle after obstacle but still pulled out a nice day with
Snatch 97 Clean and Jerk 136kg Total 233kg

Chip Bromley had a monster cycle and has been training like a mad man! Made some really nice lifts!
Snatch 110kg Clean and Jerk 138kg Total 248kg

Ryan Walsh had a fun heavy day to just throwdown with the crew and made some nice lifts!
Snatch 120kg Clean and Jerk 145kg Total 265kg

Everybody looked great! I was proud of everyone’s performance and a Special Shout out to Susan Gunther who just came home from an award winning performance in Poland at Master’s Worlds where she took home Gold for her age and weight class and 3rd place overall! Just an incredible last training cycle! I am looking forward to seeing everyone continue their growth over the next 3 months!

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