The CrossFit Open

The 2018 CrossFit Open is about to begin and we are all excited and terrified of the workouts ahead! Whether you just started CrossFit or have been training for years the anxiety never fades. It’s important to know that no matter what workouts get announced or what obstacles come up during these next 5 weeks, we are all in this together!

The CrossFit Open is a 5 week Open invite competition. Anyone and everyone can sign up to test themselves against the Great Dave Castro. Most people don’t sign up for this thinking, “This is my year! I’m making it!” For most of us, this isn’t about making it to the games. This is about all of the work you have put in during your time with CrossFit and testing yourself. During these 5 weeks you will be challenged in just about every basic aspect of CrossFit and every task that your coach has thrown at you. Where you failed – you have a new opportunity to succeed. It’s not about whether you can Rx every workout. It’s about seeing all of your hard work come to fruition.

There is a lot of magic that can happen during these 5 weeks. The workouts get announced and it’s Fight or Flight. No matter what comes up, you may surprise yourself with the results! Getting your first pull up, completing a set of unbroken double unders or doing double unders at all, doing handstand push ups or really just doing anything more than you have previously done! The Open isn’t about making it to the Games for most people. It’s about being a part of something bigger and scarier than you, staring it in the face and saying, ”I Can!”

Do that and you will have already won.

See you out there!


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