The Health Challenge Begins!

We are in our first week of the CFDA Challenge! Here is some more info that you can use throughout the challenge for lifestyle tasks and how to keep up with the Tracker.
These Lifestyle Tasks are up on the wall next to the whiteboard. Some can be done at home, most must be done in-house. If you do repeat a task please try to do it bigger and better each time!


Along with proper nutrition goes a healthy lifestyle.

Creating a healthier lifestyle:

  • Drink 8-10oz of water when you wake up.

  • Stretch for 15-20 Minutes. Before Bed is ideal.

  • Turn off all screens at 9pm.

  • Take a 10-15 minute walk after every meal.

  • Keep a food diary.

  • Try a new active recovery sport. ex: Basketball, racquetball, swimming, yoga…etc.

  • Get to bed early and try to get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Along with the tasks listed above, each participant is responsible for completing one of the following tasks each and every day:

  • Post WOD Bodybuilding Workout. (Posted Daily)

  • Row 1200m Pre- Class

  • 125 Calories on the Assault Post Workout.

  • Extra WOD – 4th, 5th or 6th class of the week is Bonus Lifestyle!

  • Perform a workout at Home. Something manageable, be creative. Must be 15 minutes or more!

  • Buy In to a WOD with 5 Rounds – 10 Double Unders, 10 Sit Ups , 10 Ring Rows!

  • Work on Pull Ups Pre/Post Workout. (Progressions)

  • Work on Dips Pre/Post workout. (Progressions)

  • Work on Handstand Push Ups (Progressions) See Joe for Progressions.

  • 10 Minute EMOM – 10/7 Cal Assault

  • 10 Minute EMOM – Odd – 25 Sit Ups Even – 30 Seconds Flutter Kicks

  • Starting Strength Progression – Post WOD – This can be done 3x/week – See Joe for Details.

  • Attend a Double Session in one day. CrossFit and MarbleFit or Barbell Club.

  • Tabata anything after class. Ex:Row, Tricep Extensions, Upright Rows… Ask for more suggestions!

  • 3 Rounds of Tricep Explosion—- 3 Supersets of 10 Skull Crushers, 10 Pull Overs, 10 Presses with a plate. 45 second rest in between each round.

  • Cash Out workout with 200 Double Unders or 600 Single Unders.

  • 5 Rounds of Shoulder Body Building —- 3 Supersets of 10 Upright Rows, 10 Flys and 10 Overhead Press. Use Dumbbells.

  • Death Row- Start with a Light weight and Row 10 Reps. Add Weight 10x then Work your way back down.

  • Cash Out a workout with 100 weighted AbMat Sit Ups!

  • Perform WOD “Karen” for time during open gym! (150 Wall Balls for time)

  • Perform WOD “Fran” for time during open gym! (21-15-9: Thrusters and Pull Ups)

  • Perform WOD “Isabel” for time during open gym! (30 Snatches for time)

  • Perform WOD “Grace” for time during open gym! (30 Clean and Jerks for time!)

  • Perform 30 Muscle Ups for time! (Come on do it!)

  • Buy-In to a workout with – 5 Rounds: 1 Rope Climb, 10 Hand Release Push Ups

  • Attend a Yoga Session.

  • Spend time with someone and work on a skill together. (ie: Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Double Unders, Pull ups…etc…) Not coaching, just working together on the same activity.  

  • Bench Press 100 Reps for time! Every time you rack the bar, perform 15 Barbell Curls. Try to beat your previous time, everytime!

  • With a friend complete 100 Calories Row/Bike as fast as possible. Trade off every 30 seconds. 10 second transition time!

  • Post a picture of your meal prep for the week!

  • Leave a review for CFDA on Google! Facebook! Or Yelp!

  • Write a Journal entry about: Training, Nutrition and overall feeling of the day/week of training.

  • Share and try a recipe with the group.

Most tasks cannot be repeated within the same week. Some are the same idea, but different activities. Pulling Doubles can be done everyday if that’s what you want to do to get in your lifestyle tasks. But Cashing out a workout with 100 sit ups can only be performed once. Each time you perform the same task try to beat the previous score or add weight in some way. Write down all numbers in your journal so you have an idea of how and where to make improvements! Feel free to suggest something or ask about other tasks you can do! Starting Strength Progression –

If you wish to work on strength, but are unsure of how to do it. Here is a simple 3 Day Breakdown of what you can work on, Pre or Post Workout. Day 1.

3 x 5 Back Squats Begin with 60% of best

3 x 5 Strict Press Begin with 50% of best

1 x 5 Deadlift Begin with 60% of Best.


Day 2.

3 x 5 Back Squat Add 5-10lbs from previous

3 x 5 Bench Press Begin with 60% of Best.

Chins and Dips 5 x 5

Day 3. 

3 x 5 Back Squat Add 5-10lbs from previous day.

3 x 5 Strict Press Add 5-10lbs from previous day.

3 x 5 Hang Power Clean begin with 50% of best Clean.

This progression can be done for the entire 5 weeks and help you work on form and build additional strength. If you choose to do this progression each session will count as a lifestyle. Add weight every day you perform these tasks.

Pull Up/Dip/Handstand Push Ups Progressions –

Each of these can be done in addition to the workouts.

Pull Up – Perform 1 Set to failure (With or without assistance)

12 Reps Static hold Chin over bar and tempo down. (5 count)

3 x 20 Banded Rows or 3 x 20 Upright rows, or 3 x 10 Single Arm KB High Pulls. Alternate every time you perform.

– Perform 1 Set to failure (With or without assistance)

12 Reps Static hold Locked out and tempo down. (5 count)

3 x 20 Banded Tricep Ext or 3 x 20 Skull Crushers, or 3 x 20 DB Bench 

Alternate every time you perform.

Handstand Push Ups 
– This one is more tricky.

If you have them, but need practice. Practice handstand holds and tempo to the mat. Use extra mats to work on kipping. 

Elevated Push ups work as well (Feet on box) 

Have a friend assist you by holding your feet and helping you lockout in the Handstand position. 

Develop better overhead strength and inverted comfort ability with Overhead Shrugs, and Push Presses. 


Move around before or after the workouts to get lifestyle points.

Track it on your tracker. There should be no need to add tabs. Thanks!


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