Total Fitness Challenge Results

The Total Fitness Challenge has concluded and the results are in! Congratulations to our Top 3 Ladies: Djar Horn, Leslie Sanzone & Aman Matharoo. And to our Top 3 Men: Gurdeep Matharoo, Oliver Guminski, and Dave Schuld!  You guys put in a tremendous amount of work these past 6 weeks and you have earned the prizes you were given! 

As a whole, the entire challenge was a tremendous success. We had an average weight loss of 6lbs for the Ladies with the highest weight loss of 18.4lbs! The Men had an average of 6.5lbs lost with the highest weight loss being 14.9 and 14.8lbs! Throughout the challenge, a handful of you were able to achieve some firsts in Double Unders, Toes to bar and other exercises that previously you would have dismissed as, ‘I don’t do those sort of things.’ Well, it appears you can and now there is no turning back! We worked hard on Pull-ups, handstand skills, single leg movements, and various barbell tech development for the past 6 weeks and hopefully, you have seen some improvement in your ability and ways to keep moving forward with those skills.

This challenge is not just about winning the prizes at the end. The challenge is for you to take a step out of your comfort zone and push yourself just a little bit more to achieve that little something extra. We hope that during these challenges you begin to develop healthier habits outside of the gym and become more consistent with your routines of meal prepping and at home activity. Getting to bed a little bit earlier, taking a walk after a meal or anything that helps develop a better path for health and wellness. Great work as always! Remember, this challenge may be over, but that doesn’t mean you stop building on what you started. Enjoy the process and keep building your fitness! 

I’d love to hear feedback from you Guys! Let me know what you thought of the challenge and what surprised you most? What habits will you continue and what else can we do to help you achieve those goals? Thanks for being Awesome!


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