2023 Master’s Nationals begins tomorrow! We have 12 lifter competing over the course of 4 days which is a record for us! I am beyond proud of all of the hard work our athlete have put in this past cycle I just want to shout them out and get everyone pumped for this week!

Catch the livestream here


Marcy Seymour – 9am Wednesday Morning

Everyone knows Marcy! She’s an absolute gem! Competing in her 13th Competition ever and first Master’s Nationals. She puts in so much work and I can’t wait to watch her crush it!

Akiko Stojek – 3:45 Wednesday Afternoon

Akiko began working with us a little over a year ago and is such a consistent and disciplined individual! We love having her and know she’s going to do great! (+15kg in Total in 1 year!)

Melanie Lendis – 1pm Thursday

Mel has been working with Coach Mike for about 3 years now. Increased her total over 20 kg and stays focused on the job!

Alexia Lindenberg – 9am Friday

Alexia has been working with us a little over 2 years and is set to compete on the big stage for the first time! Can’t wait to see it all come together!

Michelle Oppedisano – 9am Friday

Michelle began remote training with us about 7 months ago and it’s tough being remote only getting in here once or twice a month, but she does a great job taking feedback and applying it! Increased total by 14 kg in that short time.

Nicole Buser – 1:15pm Friday

Nicole literally started with us a month ago! We are excited to see her progress and know she will do great at this competition!

Jennifer Brullo – 3:30pm Friday

Jenn has been with us a little over 7 months. We focus on a lot of technique work to break bad habits and Jenn has been doing a great job making adjustments. Increases total by 8 kg, but the technique is so much better! Can’t wait to see her lift on the big stage for the first time!

Jamie Boulos – 5:30 pm Friday

Jamie just started with us and we are making some adjustments to technique. Jamie is strong AF so dialing in technique is the most important thing we can do! Watch out for big lifts from Jamie!

Chip Bromley – 11am Saturday

We met Chip at one of our competitions where he did not do so well, but Chip is determined, is strong and works very hard! He primarily works remote with me, has been doing such a great job with feedback and making tremendous progress. Increased total by 22 kg! (Training total by 30 kg!)

Suzanne Roman – 2:45pm Saturday

Suzanne works remotely with us primarily and gets into our gym once or twice a month. From the first competition she did on her own until the last she has increased her total by 25kg. Consistently hitting better and better numbers! Let’s Go Suzanne!

Alice Hui – 5 pm Saturday

Alice is a very hard worker and has competing in weightlifting longer than I have! Puts in a tremendous effort here with lifting and works through injuries. Alice’s legs are so strong and I love her positive attitude! We are excited to see her on the big stage again to crush weights!

Samantha Kuhles – 6pm Saturday

Last up for us is our awesome, Sam! Sam, like everyone else here at Marble, works so hard and always on her weaknesses. She puts in tremendous effort and dedication to her lifting and recovery that I am inspired every day. She also helps out Coaching here which I always appreciate! Sam has been with us for over 4 years now and is on the cusp of qualifying for Senior Nationals let alone Master’s! I’m so excited to see all of the work come together!

We have a busy week ahead of us! If you don’t hear from me for a few days it’s because I am working and supporting our team on one of the biggest days of their weightlifting career! Wish us luck and if you want to get started and see big results for your weightlifting click the link here to talk to a Coach today!



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