Bring a Friend Day Recap!

Thank you to everyone who brought a friend to check out the gym! It was great meeting new people and hopefully we didn’t scare them away!

We made the workout based on friends and called it “Harry and Lloyd”. For anyone who doesn’t know, those are the 2 main characters from the movie, “Dumb and Dumber” a personal favorite of mine.

In case you missed it the workout was:

Complete as many reps as possible in 26 minutes of the following with a partner:
400m Run together
100m Farmers Carry Each Holding 50lbs or 35lbs in each hand.
25/25 Hang DB Clean and Press
25/25 Up Downs with a DBL DB Deadlift

Repeat as necessary.

The worst part for me was the Hang DB Clean and Press and my shoulders are very sore from it! Which made Bench Press and Handstand push ups today kind of interesting.

I was happy to meet some new people yesterday and maybe moving forward we can set a day/class twice a year for this event. I think a Friday Evening or Saturday morning might be a better class for Bring a Friend and then we can sit and hang a little bit more with everyone afterwards! Those are just my thoughts.

Even some barbell people made their Fitness debut yesterday! Shout out to M-Lot for joining in on the workout! Hope you aren’t too sore today brother! You got lifting to do!

I tried snapping some photos of you guys, which I think some came out awesome and some well you know. It’s tough getting great photos while you guys are moving and I am only using a simple android photo and I’m also trying to Coach or manage some aspect of the job at the same time so cut me some slack! Jk jk

I think you guys did great and I was grateful to see some new people come through the door. Whether or not they stay we shall see, but at least we got to spread the love for even one hour of the day!

I hope you guys enjoyed it as well! Let me know what you thought and how we can improve the events for future events!

Thank you all again for being the best Community ever!


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