The Freehold Spring Lift-Off 2023 at CBA was a resounding success last weekend, and I want to express my gratitude to everyone who helped me run such an incredible event.

Huyen K Chau after a PR Clean and Jerk at 103kg

From start to finish, everything went smoothly, with the exception of set up and break down, which I’ll work to improve for next time. The Freehold Spring Lift-Off was a USA Weightlifting Sanctioned event, with 74 athletes competing throughout the day. This was the largest competition I have ever organized, featuring two platforms and requiring twice as many volunteers to keep things running smoothly. I’m so thankful for the support of our Marble Community and others who stepped up to help make this event shine.

Out of the 74 athletes competing, Marble Weightlifting took up 15 spots, the most of any team in attendance. However, it was no surprise considering that it was our competition! Other teams from around the state and out-of-state athletes were also well-represented.

Here are the results of the athletes who competed for Marble Weightlifting:

  • 🥇Aeva Lindenberg (U13 40kg) – 18kg Snatch / 24kg CJ / 42 Total
  • 🥇Sophia Tran (U17 49kg) – 26kg Snatch / 34kg CJ / 60kg Total
  • 🥇Melody Lin (Junior 55kg) – 44kg Snatch / 63kg CJ / 107kg Total
  • 🥇Scott McClaren (U15 61kg) – 41kg Snatch / 51kg CJ / 92kg Total (first competition)
  • 🥇Akiko Stojek (MSTR 49kg) – 33kg Snatch / 46kg CJ / 79kg Total
  • 🥇Sandra Edmonds (MSTR 64kg) – 33kg Snatch / 43kg CJ / 76kg Total (first competition)
  • 🥇Gina Caplan (MSTR 55kg) – 31kg Snatch / 41kg CJ / 72kg Total
  • 🥈Jennifer Brullo (MSTR 71kg) – 43kg Snatch / 64kg CJ / 107kg Total
  • 🥇Suzanne Roman (MSTR 71kg) – 53kg Snatch / 62kg CJ / 115kg Total
  • 🥈Vanessa Forte (87+kg) – 42kg Snatch / 56kg CJ / 98kg Total
  • 🥇Jenna Mooney (59kg) – 67kg Snatch / 84kg CJ / 151kg Total
  • 🥇Heather Mentone (71kg) – 83kg Snatch / 102kg CJ / 185kg Total
  • 🥇Huyen K Chau (87+kg) – 74kg Snatch / 103kg CJ / 177kg Total
  • 🥈Anthony Crudo (96kg) – 103kg Snatch / 127kg CJ / 230kg Total
  • 🥉Eric Zucaro (89kg) – 103kg Snatch / 144kg CJ / 247kg Total

Almost every Marble Weightlifting athlete achieved a personal record of some kind in competition and each of the 15 Marble Weightlifting athletes received a medal for their weight class and age group at the event, and they should be proud of all their hard work and efforts.

Heather Mentone’s impressive total helped her qualify for Nationals at the end of June, which was her goal for this competition.

Heather Mentone securing her ticket to Nationals in Colorado!

Everyone really did very well! I’m incredibly proud of our team for hitting big numbers on the platform and then turning around to help keep the event running smoothly. This really was a team effort and we have the best team in the Country! I love Coaching and training with them! It really is a pleasure!

You can check out the live stream replay here and we will be putting out a MarbleCast recap soon as well!

Thank you all for a terrific event! Keep up the hardwork!

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