What is going on this week?

We have gotten through our baseline week this past week and now we begin prep on our Front Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift cycle.

You can expect a light tempo week for strength and some percentage work for your accessory strengths. ie. pull ups, box jumps and Handstand push ups.

The goal of this cycle is to increase our strength and technique in those areas to build a much more well rounded athlete. If you haven’t tested any of these movements or you missed a day, let me know and we can set up a time to do so!

This week, we have a couple of chipper-style workouts, multiple rounds, and a trusty old interval/rest metcon. Monday’s should be pretty quick for advanced athletes, so feel free to take the skill or reps up. Tuesday’s workout will be a real grit test of who can hang on to the dumbbell and get after it. Wednesday and Thursday will be a grind where athletes will try and keep a steady pace from start to finish. Then we finish it off with our favorite go-to 1:1 work to rest for Friday.

Saturday is a long combo workout/memorial WOD! Be prepare to MurderFit on Saturday! Rope climb skills and so much more.

There is a lot to do this week as far as fitness goes! We will make sure it is the best hour of your day and everyone gets the most out of each workout. If you miss a workout and want to make it up, let us know and we can make that arrangement!

Barbell Class
Monday and Thursday 9-10:30a (Looking to add another hour to this option)

Monday Wednesday Friday – 11:30am-12:45pm
Anyone who is looking for a lunchtime option and wants to get more focus on weightlifting (Snatch/Cleans/Jerks)

Run just like CrossFit but no metcon at the end (light conditioning/bodybuilding finishers)

Snatch Workshop
We are looking to run a Snatch Workshop in the next month or so. 1 hour during the week at 7pm with Coach DK. This workshop would be limited to 8 people.

If this is something you are interested in definitely let us know! Be on the lookout for more information!

Excited to see everyone PR at the end of these 7 weeks! Let’s get after it!


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