5 reasons you need to SQUAT!

Squats are essential in any strength program, and I believe they’re essential to any life program!

As a Strength Coach, I put squats at the top of my list of the best exercises anyone can do. Squats are a compound, full-body exercise. While training primarily legs, squats also train the entire body, and strengthen the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons throughout the lower body. 

Ultimately squats build your base (the legs). We all know that without a solid base you can expect other things will go south as well. Prioritizing that base will help you move around later in life, too. Think of squat training as a FREE insurance policy. Strong legs + strong bones = prevent physical deterioration.

Here are my top 5 reasons I think everyone NEEDS to Squat!

1. Build Muscle throughout the ENTIRE Body!

As I said before, squats are a full-body exercise. Squats develop your back, your core, your legs, your heart, your health… everything! You name it, squats do it! Squats do this because in order to lift the weight on the bar you have to stay strong everywhere to support the lift. The more muscles you recruit to perform the exercise, the more you will get out of the workout, the more you get your heart pumping, and the more you keep it strong for other life activities.

Also…. if there’s one thing we as Americans admire the most, it’s NICE REARENDS! (butts). Do you want a really nice butt? Start squatting!

2. Burn More Fat!

One of the most time-efficient ways to burn more calories is actually to gain more muscle! Like I said before this is a full-body exercise in which you need to recruit a lot of muscles for. Recruit more muscle, build more muscle, burn more fat! For every pound of additional muscle you gain, your body will burn an additional 50-70 calories per day. They’ll even continue burning calories as you sleep! Squats are a top muscle-building lift, therefore squats aid in burning fat.

So… what do we have so far? Better booty and less fat! Man, Squats are incredible!

3. Prevent Injuries!

Most athletic injuries involve weak stabilizer muscles, weak ligaments and weak connective tissues. The injuries can occur during a workout if it’s been a while, or even during a normal day-to-day movement. Imagine bending down to pick up a water bottle and getting injured simply because you haven’t worked out properly for an extended period of time… You my friend definitely need a lifetime prescription of squats. We need to build that weak, puny body into a strong and capable one! Performing a proper squat can help increase overall strength, but can also strengthen those weak stabilizers, ligaments and connective tissues. As you strengthen your squat routine with proper form, you reduce chances of random injuries. This helps you inside and outside of the gym.

“I’m looking for a weak, incapable person to help me out.”

– Nobody ever

4. Increase Flexibility!

Doing squats increases joint flexibility. The ankles, knees, hips and lower back are all utilized during this exercise. It’s important that when performing squats you go through as full of a range of motion as your body will allow. Maintaining proper form throughout the movement is essential to being successful. We encourage everyone to find a proper Strength Coach (Click here to schedule an appointment with one) and get started the right way.

Coach Derrick Kong executing a perfect Squat!

5. Builds Mental Toughness!

It takes a lot of grit to put something heavy on your back, sit all the way down and stand up again. Doing it for reps also plays tricks on your mind. Squats build your mental strength just as much as your physical body!

As long as you maintain proper form, work with weights that you are capable of and take proper rest times, we encourage everyone to start a squat program today.

Squats are essential to a long & strong life. To get your strength and fitness program started Click here and set up a time to chat with a Coach today!


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