Adventure, Fitness & Writing your own story!

We work hard in the gym so we can pursue other activities and endeavors OUTSIDE the gym. Later on in life you might not care about your max back squat triple (btw mine is 435 lbs.) but you may care about being able to scale the hillside on your European vacation or being able to swim with your grand children without any aid from your actual children. (that back squat helped you achieve those things by the way!)

Every now and again we are asked to do some physical things. Be it around the house, or go on a hike in Mohonk Reserve. I mean one of our own wants to hike the Appalachian Trail next year just to see how far he can get! I think that’s pretty impressive and interesting. Don’t you?

The point is, few of us will ever be the smartest of our circles.

Few of us will ever be the best-looking.

Few of us will be the wealthiest.

Few of us will win the Olympics or make it to the NFL.

But ALL of us should be able to have interesting and eventful pursuits. Fitness creates that opportunity better than anything else.

Tough Mudder 2019

You don’t need money to run a marathon. You don’t need to be a model to climb Mount Kilimanjaro or be a millionaire to sail around the world. But doing ANY of these three would make you more interesting than any millionaire, model or professional athlete. Infinitely so.

You won’t be able to count your money on your deathbed. You won’t gaze at old pictures of yourself or carry the Stanley Cup into the bright light. But your story, if you have a good one, will survive. So I want you to write a good one.

My goal is to create interesting experiences for you. To create new chapters, or funny little episodes that will make you fold the page forever. Many times, when I see people outside the gym, they’ll say “Hey, remember that time I …” and share a story from my gym. Many people have rewritten their life story at Marble Strength. Together we have created memories together and We would love to create more! Our Weightlifting trips are becoming more and more fun and epic and we hope to plan some more great events for everyone to write new chapters of their own!

CFDA Open 2022

We have done many competitions and fun events throughout the years. Next year, I would love to add some more to our History books and put our fitness to some good use and family time!

We love hearing our members doing fun stuff over the Summer and making plans for the New Year!
Having a training goal is valuable to the point of necessity. Having a road map to help you achieve it is critical. But finishing with a great story—that’s really the goal of all of it. And fitness is the platform to get you there.
Whether riding a bike, running a distance, or hiking the Appalachian trails: You’re going to need the gym to do it!

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