Holiday Wars 2019


So CrossFit decided they wanted to steal my thunder and move the Open to October which gets in the way… slightly of Holiday Wars for me! Never fear! We are doing it anyway!

What is Holiday Wars???

Holiday Wars is our end of year, In-House Competition which redefines Fitness with every workout! It’s similar to the Open, but more Fun and you guys can win stuff!

Every week I will announce a workout to be performed for the week. You have the entire week to submit your best score. We typically do the workout as a class during the week and you have the rest of the time to re-do it or enjoy the show. 

Is this a team competition?

No! This is an individual competition. There are Rx, Masters and Scaled divisions. Rx and Masters have prizes and scaled just has bragging rights.

What’s the cost to join The greatest Competition ever, Holiday Wars?

$39 per athlete! You can register here!

Why does it ask me to pick a class?

This is the simplest way I have for you guys to do online payments as opposed to me doing it through system here. I can process payments in-house or however you want, but this allows you do participate on your own time. You’re essentially paying for a ‘Drop-In’ even though its for an In House competition. 

Will the Super Total be an event this year?

OF COURSE IT WILL BE! That’s Week 5!

Is there anything else I need to know about this awesome event?

At the moment, I cannot think of anything. I’m sure more will come up, but as of now just be ready to kick some ass for the last 5 weeks of the year!

If you have any questions, let me know. We have done this to end the year, every year so far and it’s awesome! The more people that join in, the more fun it is! Thanks for all of your support and here’s to crushing the final weeks of the year together!


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