Holiday Wars 2020 Week 2!!!

Week 2 of Holiday Wars kicks off Monday, November 9th!

We have an exciting week planned! 

Rx Workout:
Complete as many reps as possible in 9 minutes of the following:
12 Handstand Push Ups
12 Calories on the Rower 

Standards for the Rx handstand push ups:
Begin the Handstand Push up in a full handstand against the wall with only your heels in contact with the wall. Hands may be no further than 36′ wide.
Head must touch the flat surface of the floor before pushing up. Kipping Is allowed. At the bottom position of the handstand, athletes may have their butt against the wall, however at the top of the rep the hips must be fully locked out. OTHERWISE IT’S A NO REP!!! I will be sure to go over all of this beforehand! 

Masters Rx:
6 Wall Walks

Wall walks standard. 
Athletes must begin the rep in a prone position facing away from the wall. At the start of the 3 2 1 call they may begin to climb up the wall and continue until their nose touches the wall. Athletes must come down to a full prone position. Jumping down the wall is NO BUENO! We will cover this all before you begin your workouts.

20 Hand Release Push ups

Hand Release Push Ups. Athletes begin in the top of the push up position. Lower down, release hands from floor, press back up in any fashion. Rep is complete when the hips are inline with the torso. Otherwise… THAT’S A NO REP MF!!! 
I will esplain on the day, best I can. Don’t make me NO REP you!

There ya have it! Week 2 of Holiday Wars is here! Best of Luck to our athletes! Thank you for participating! xoxox


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