Holiday Wars 2020 Week 3!!!

Week 3 of Holiday Wars is here and we are halfway through! 

The 3rd workout is:

Complete as many reps of the following in 15 minutes:
300 Double Unders
30 Overhead Squats
10 Muscle Ups

The Standards:
Rope will begin for everyone (Rx or Scaled) on the floor. The rope may not lay on a box on the rack on any elevated surface. On the floor, not in hand. When the 3…2…1…go call is announced, the athlete may pick up their rope and begin the workout. 

All work must be done in order. No breaking it up in any order. All reps must be completed before moving to the next exercise. 

Rx workout standards:
300 Double Unders. The weight for the overhead squats for men will be 120lbs. The weight for the women will be 85lbs. Athletes can put the weight overhead however they like, be it Snatch or clean and jerk variation. Once the weight is overhead, the rep is complete once the athlete squats all the way down to where the hip crease is below the knee and stands fully extended at the top. Quarter squats and half squats are a NO REP! Don’t make me no rep you! 

As long as the bar does not touch your head or other body part, arms can be bent on the descent and lock out everything at the top. That’s ok!

Rx Muscle Ups for Men = Ring Muscle Ups.
Rx Muscle Ups for Ladies = Bar Muscle Ups.

In the event that you cannot make a muscle up after 7 tries. The athlete may be permitted to move forward performing as many reps of the following with the remaining time:
5 Thrusters
5 Bar Facing Burpees

The athlete is credited with the amount of reps completed in the allotted time! Jump over the bar however you want. Doesn’t matter. The rep is complete once both feet are on the opposite side of the bar. Traditional Standards apply for thrusters. (full Squat and full extension at the top)

For reference: 1 Muscle up is better than any number of thrusters/burpees completed!

Masters Rx standards:
The Masters athletes will use the same weights, but will perform front squats with the same standards.

Instead of Muscle Ups, the masters will perform chest to bar pull ups. Yes your chest must hit the bar! 

Scaled Standards:
Scaled Athletes will perform 300 Single Unders for their jump rope. 

They will also use the same weights, but will be doing deadlifts.

Instead of Muscle Ups the scaled athletes will perform 15 Bar Facing Burpees over the Bar.

I think that’s everything! Best of luck to our competitors! Keep crushing it!

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