New Year Challenge

Happy New Year, Everyone! 

2020 is here! We are ready to begin our New Year Challenge and start the year off building healthy habits! This year will be starting off with a 5 week Weight-loss & Nutrition Challenge!
Our goal for this challenge is to build proper habits that we can retain for the rest of the year as well as lose the end of year, Holiday weight we all gained! 

What is the New Year Challenge?

This will be an individual challenge. No teams to worry about, but if you guys want to partner up and hold yourselves accountable, by all means do so! However you will all be judged by your individual performance with the workouts and your weight-loss.

How long is the challenge?

The challenge will be 5 weeks long with a 1 week playoff series!

A week of ‘Playoffs’?

Yes! 1 Week of continued fitness! The top 6 Male and Female participants will battle for the top 3 Spots!

How do we earn points for the Challenge?

I’m glad you asked!

  • Each participant must workout a minimum of 3x per week. (Attend a CrossFit, MarbleFit or Barbell Program at least 3x during each week.)
  • Each participant must perform an extra daily task. (The list will be displayed for all to read)
  • Each participant is responsible for weekly weigh-ins. (If you don’t weigh-in you don’t earn the point)
  • Each participant is responsible for updating their spreadsheet so that Joe can read it.
  • Earn points through the weekly challenges.

When does the challenge begin?

January 20th! Plenty of time to get started and practice your meal prep!

When do we weigh-in?

First weigh in will be January 18th. 2 Days before the challenge begins. Failure to make this deadline will only serve you poorly. Weigh-In so we can enjoy the weekend!
Second Weigh-in will be Saturday, January 25th. Don’t be late! You will earn 1 point just for weighing in each week, so don’t miss the point!
Third Weigh-In will be Saturday, February 1st.
Fourth Weigh-In will be Saturday February 8th
Final Weigh-In will be Saturday February 15th! Don’t overdo it on Valentine’s Day!

Will there be an alcohol penalty?

Short answer, no. Long answer, no, but alcohol will never help you during these challenges. If you choose to drink, please do so in moderation. Heavily drinking will only do your body and mind harm and never the opposite. If you do drink, make sure it’s at least good stuff! Please drink responsibly.

Do I have to count Macros?

You have to lose weight and win challenges. Your ranking each week effects your score. One method to effective weight loss is to count macros. If you need help in this department feel free to reach out and we can get you the right information/guidance with our partners, Nutrition Broz.

When does this start again?

Monday, January 20th!

How much does it cost?

New Year Challenge Cost! $59 Per Participant! The more people that sign up the better the competition and the more fun we can have! 

How do I register?

You can REGISTER here! Just click the link!* 

*Don’t worry about it asking you to sign a waiver and pick a class. This is the only way I have for you guys to register Online. So pick any class and sign the waiver just so I have something to keep track with. Thank you so much in advance!

We are looking forward to a great year and kicking it off with another GREAT CHALLENGE! Thank you all! Please ask me any questions you have! I know you have plenty!



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