Natalie lost 50lbs in less than a year! That’s amazing!

We work with a lot of different people with a lot of different goals. Some weight loss goals, some strength goals, some competitive aspirations. All different. Natalie has been working with us here at Marble Strength for a little under a year and she has seen some incredible results!

Natalie works incredibly hard and needed to change things up from her routine to get the results she was after. We paired her up with one of our Amazing Coaches, Stephanie who was able to work with Natalie on her program and offer guidance on Nutrition to see the results she wanted.

We didn’t run her into the ground and force her to do a million burpees. We didn’t make her starve herself and follow a fad diet. Coach Steph worked with her one on one to manage the process and keep Natalie making progress the right way.

It takes commitment and it takes time. One of the things that Steph did was manage the intensity of each training session. It wasn’t always A heavy conditioning, some days were more strength based and others more bodybuilding. Managing the way Natalie was moving each session and how she was feeling enabled her to maximize her results in the shortest amount of time. 

Working in a one on one setting is the fastest way to see results. You get the proper focus and attention that is needed and the Coach is fully dedicated to you and your results. Steph was also able to give some great advice on Nutrition based on how Natalie was feeling each day. If we had a set back one week or month where we weren’t going in the right directions, we would check in to make sure everything was on track outside the gym.

What did the Nutrition plan look like?

We don’t have a one size fits all program. Everybody is a little different and has a different relationship with food. What we do is we help our athletes control their impulses and take proper steps to be successful. Teaching how to monitor intake, when to add more of something or take away. The better your relationship with food is the more we can optimize results.

Most people have a bad relationship with food and can’t control themselves under duress. It happens. What we need to do is understand when this happens what we can do and if we mess up it isn’t the end of the world. Nobody is perfect. The closer we stay to our baseline and making positive choices that help us reach our goals the faster we will see progress and the happier we will be!
In less than a year, Natalie was able to see some amazing results. Working one-on-one with a Coach that is fully dedicated to her goals.

That’s what we do at Marble Strength. We get results for our clients! We provide the proper support and tools necessary to be successful and guide our members towards progress.

Thank you Natalie for working hard and staying disciplined! Your actions are not going unnoticed!

What do you want to achieve? How committed are you to getting those results? We are here to help when you are ready to take action! Contact us to speak with a Coach today!


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