Losing belly fat isn’t just about cardio. If you want to get a flat stomach and look leaner, you need to do both cardio and strength training. But what if I told you that lifting weights is actually the best way to lose belly fat and tighten your core?


Strength training can help you lose belly fat faster. If you’ve struggled to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, it’s time to try strength training. Strength training builds muscle, and muscle burns more calories than other types of tissue (even when your body is at rest). Muscle also helps your body burn fat. That means that not only will you be able to look better, but you’ll also feel great because your energy levels will increase!

If you have no idea where to start with strength training or how much weightlifting should be done in order for it to be effective at burning fat and toning up the abs, don’t worry—It doesn’t take much to get started. It just takes consistency. But how do you get started if you have never trained with weights before?


Getting started can feel intimidating. Going to a gym alone and trying to do things without having the knowledge to really do them can be embarrassing and lead you to quit. The very first thing I would do if I was just getting started would be to get a Coach.

Our coaches are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, and they’ll give you 1-on-1 attention as you learn how to move more effectively and set goals that are right for your body.

We also do an Inbody scan before starting any training program. This will help us get a baseline of your metrics so we can track progress.

Once we have those two things, it’s time for the fun part: learning from our expert trainers how to move in ways that will make you feel better, stronger, healthier—and yes, stronger!

If working with a Coach isn’t in the budget, feel free to reach out anyway and we can offer some tips and tricks to getting started. If down the line you can make it work we are always here for you!
Youtube Videos are also a great resource for beginners to get started.


You’ve probably heard that you should do crunches or sit-ups to lose belly fat. You might fully believe that yourself without ever really trying weight training. And while it’s true that these exercises can help you strengthen your core, they won’t be effective if you don’t pair them with some serious strength training.

That doesn’t mean never do sit ups (even though I barely train my abs exclusively). It just means there are better ways to get the desired result.

We have helped tons of people over the years and the one’s that remain consistent and disciplined, applying the teaching we provide see the best result.

The truth is that it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get the results you want. But if you stick with it, believe me—you’ll see results!

If you need help setting up a plan and getting started, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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