The Finale of Holiday Wars 2019 is the SUPER TOTAL!

For the past few years, we have finished out with a 1 Rep max in each lift: Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Back Squat, Push Press and Deadlift.

However, this year we will be replacing the Push Press with Bench Press and we will be adjusting the way we organize the event! Our hopes is that this will help move the event along a little faster, as well as get everyone a taste of what it would be like to compete at a Sanctioned event.

Each athlete, will compete to find their 1 Rep Max in each lift:

Clean and Jerk
Back Squat
Bench Press


The way we will organize it for the day is as follows:

Previous years, athletes were allowed 7 minutes to find their 1 Rep Max, however this year in all lifts, each athlete will get 3 attempts.
3 Attempts Snatch, 3 Attempts Clean and Jerk, 3 Attempts Back Squat, 3 Attempts Bench, 3 Attempts Deadlift.

Ladies will be asked to arrive between 7-7:15am to allow proper warm up time, as well as give me time to go over the event. Gentlemen can arrive at 7:30-7:45 as they will begin lifting slightly later than the ladies.

All of the Lifts from the floor (ie: Snatch, Clean and Jerk & Deadlift) will be run in the center of the room. 1 Bar 1 Platform marked out.

For the Snatch and Clean & Jerk portion, the bar will be a RISING BAR. Which means, once the weight is on the bar it CANNOT be lowered down. Each athlete will have 1 Minute to make their attempt. If they happen to follow themselves, the athlete will get 2 minutes.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, I will walk you all through it numerous times before we begin. Just get here early enough for me to do that.
For the Power-lifting (Squat, Bench, Deadlift):

Athletes will be set into different flights or groups, organized by height. The bar will rise per each attempt, no athletes will follow themselves for this portion. However, each athlete will be given 1 minute to make their attempt.

I feel I may have lost some of you, so allow me to try and explain.

For the Event, we will have 3 Racks set up. 5-7 People per rack depending on Height. You will all be given a few minutes to decide which one suits you best and then we will form groups.

Once the Squat session begins, the bar will be loaded with the first weight. The athlete will have 1 minute to make the lift, then the next weight is loaded. We will go through all first attempts, then all second attempts and finally third. 

During Back Squats, the athlete will listen to 2 commands. ‘Start’ and ‘Rack’. 
Once the bar is loaded, it is the athlete duty to walk the bar out to a starting position, once they are in control and in position they will be given the ‘Start’ command. They are now able to begin their descent. Once they come up from the bottom of the squat, the athlete must remain stationary until given the ‘Rack’ Command. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a NO LIFT!

The Bench press will be run the same way as the Squat. Same commands. The only other rules, head and feet must remain down at all times throughout the lift. Failure to follow these instructions will result in a NO LIFT!

Finally, the Deadlift.

The Deadlift will be run in flights as well, only this time athletes will be grouped based on weight attempts. The heaviest lifters will closeout the day. There will be 1 command, ‘Down’. Once the athlete has made their attempt, they must remain upright until the ‘Down’ command is called. Once ‘Down’ is signaled, they will be allowed to lower the weight safely to the ground, both hands remaining on the bar the entire way. If the athlete fails to acknowledge the command or drops the bar from the top, this will result in a NO LIFT!

If you are unable to make the event on the day, the athletes are responsible for getting all of their lifts done prior to Saturday, December 7th.

For this, the athletes will be given time to warm up. Once they are set. Athletes will be given 3 – Two Minute Clocks. 1 Per Each attempt. They will have 2 Minutes to make 1 attempt at each lift. Make the lift and the athlete may move up. Failure to make the lift, or follow the commands will result in a No LIFT.

That’s the main idea in a nutshell. I know you will all have some questions, I look forward to hearing them all and explaining this over and over. Thank you for reading, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!


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