Week 2 of Our Strength Cycle and more!

We are heading into week 2 of our strength cycle. Focusing on Front Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Pull Ups, Handstand Push Ups, Box Jumps and Rowing. (I know it’s a lot)

You may have notices the workouts and program has gotten a little more intense. With this focus we are trying to provide a structured program to build up a foundation for future endeavors.

Front Squat is going to help improve our Oly Lifts. Bench Press is going to improve our pressing strength and keep us sexy for the beach this Summer. Deadlift is going to help is improve our overall strength as we focus a lot more on keeping our core engaged and connecting our hips to the bar.

Learning how to properly deadlift is a key ingredient to life. I deadlift things at home all day long. (mostly children) lifting them up from one place to the next. Don’t for a second think I don’t apply the same principles to lifting weight as I do my children. I have to set up properly otherwise for sure I will throw out my back. I try not to be lazy, but I do catch myself from time to time.

All of the gymnastics work is going to help us improve our core and power output in hopes to build on our overall strength and conditioning for the future.

This week, we will attack the grip early on with three consistent days of “pulling some way, shape, or form. Monday is a nice little cardio piece that will evolve lightweight and barbell cycling. Tuesday, we get to lift heavy while under duress, which is always a real challenge for athletes. Wednesday is “hold on” and see if you can keep attacking, and then Thursday will be a fun chipper workout. Friday, we will see a workout with decreasing reps but increasing skill and weight. It’s got the built in strength component and built in gymnastics component so bring your knee sleeves and grips!

Saturday is our ‘Gym Rager’ for the Logan/Sabine! If you can make it, great and if not no big deal!

Barbell Class

Monday and Thursday at 9am
Monday Wednesday Friday at 11:30am

We are gearing up for the August 13th, RYPT Summer Classic. Should be a lot of fun!

Hope you are enjoying the structure! Be ready for some fun-ctional fitness tomorrow!


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